War of The Colossal Beast 3/4 Scale Bust

From the 1958 underground cult classic, WAR OF THE COLOSSAL BEAST, written, produced and directed by Bert I. Gordon (AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN, THE CYCLOPS), this 3/4 scale, pre-painted, fully licensed bust stands approximately 17" tall to the top of his head.

Inspired by the work of Mark Brokaw, the bust recreates the image of Lt.
Col Glenn Manning (Dean Parkin) after he has been mutilated by plutonium radiation exposure, disfigured horribly by our military, survived a fall off the Boulder Dam, and been turned into a 60 foot monster, insane and hungry for destruction. The base of the bust features a diorama with three army soldiers and a half-buried pick-up truck.

Sculpted by Joe Simon
Paint Master by Brian Healy
Full color packaging
Limited to 250 pieces worldwide

Available: October
SKU: War of The Colossal Beast 3/4 Scale Bust-69622
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