Jesus Christ Deluxe Action Figure

Jesus Deluxe Action Figure:

Could you use a miracle today? Maybe he can help. Quite possibly the first action figure to have "turns water into wine" as a selling point on the box, this wonderful Jesus character stands 5 1/4-inches tall and features glow-in-the-dark hands! He comes in an illustrated window box with 8 accessories: a jug, 2 fish, and 5 loaves of bread. Welcome him into your home today!
The name Jesus means "God Saves." The term Christ is a title for "Anointed of God." For Muslims and some Jews, Jesus was a prophet. Buddhists say he was enlightened. Hindus call him an Avatar (the incarnation of a deity in human form), and Christians hail him as the Son of God.

The bible mentions 35 miracles performed by Jesus that range from wilting a fig tree to raising the dead. Jesus was an extraordinary healer and nearly a quarter of the gospels describe his powers over sickness in the human body. The 2 miracles represented by this deluxe action figure show that he also sought to fill the basic needs of his friends and followers.

The jug represents the miracle of turning water into wine. Jesus performed this miracle at a wedding when the lengthy celebrations exhausted the supply of wine. The fish and bread represent the miracle of transforming 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread into enough food to satisfy a hungry crowd of over 5,000 people. Jesus performed this miracle after delivering his "Sermon on the Mount" speech.

He was executed at a young age as a common criminal. Since then, he has been the topic of many theological debates. Although he is understood in many different ways, everyone seems to agree that he was an extraordinary man.

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